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(買2送1) 意大利LINK D Step 3
(買2送1) 意大利LINK D Step 3

  • (買2送1) 意大利LINK D Step 3

(買2送1) 意大利LINK D Step 3


$570 (買2送1) 意大利LINK D Step 3

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HKD 855.00
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HKD 570.00
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PackagePrice:HKD 570.00

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A total of 3 single product


PackagePrice:HKD 570.00


Save For You:HKD 285.00

  • Product Details

Link-D line is a product line that:

• reconstructs the hair fibre [Rebuild];
• protects the hair [Protect];
• restores strenght to the hair from technical damage after any chemical treatment. [Restore Hair].

BOND KEEPER N° 3 is a home use hair maintenance product.
It moisturises and nourishes the hair.

White cream pH 4-5. Fragrance with a note of gourmand scent.


All hair types, perfect for home hair maintenance for those who have had technical services in the salon with LINK–D products.



After shampooing rinse thoroughly and apply a generous quantity of BOND KEEPER N° 3 until the hair is fully saturated. Rinse completely and dry.

For soft, brilliant hair that is nourished and strengthened, use twice a week.

Cleansing Conditioner is also a part of Deliwash, the new new line of gentle products that clean and condition hair at the same time, removing residue from the hair, leaving it manageable, brilliant, with vibrant color: simply perfect to the touch and to the eye.

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