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(77折) 意大利逆轉白髮洗髮露+意大利逆轉白髮精華素
(77折) 意大利逆轉白髮洗髮露+意大利逆轉白髮精華素

  • (77折) 意大利逆轉白髮洗髮露+意大利逆轉白髮精華素

(77折) 意大利逆轉白髮洗髮露+意大利逆轉白髮精華素


$550 Elgon Antigrey Lotion+GV Revserse Shampoo

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Shampoo with breakthrough technology to help delay the appearance of grey hair. Gently cleanses all hair types.

Intensive hair treatment with breakthrough technology: prevents, delays or rverses the appearance of grey hair.


Up to 52% repigmentation in 7 days *


Prevents and delays the appearance of white hair.


Apply to damp or dry scalp after GH Reverse Shampoo.

The required quantity is about 7/10 pumps.


Intense treatment: daily for two months.

Maintenance: twice a week


Greyverse: an innovative ingredient that acts on the many causes of greying of the hair. A peptide that stimulates melanogenesis (production of melanocytes, responsible for melanin production) and decreases oxidative stress in the hair bulb to reactivate melanine production and increase pigment in the hair shaft.

Panthenol: not only ensures long-lasting hydratation but prevents and reduces damage caused by atmospheric agents or by use of a hot hairdryer or straightener.

Vegetable carbon: naturally colours the formula

Antigrey Shampoo from haircare GH-Reverse line contains Redoxina 2.0, complex containing hyaluronic acid and plant keratin. Makes hair stronger and healthy, with a time control effect.

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