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FRETUB (upgrade formula)

[No. 4560419120110]

FRETUB (upgrade formula)
FRETUB (upgrade formula)

  • FRETUB (upgrade formula)

FRETUB (upgrade formula)

[No. 4560419120110]

HKD 490.00

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Product Details

Let’s clean up our inner body!


Chewable tablets to take in without water.


Edible green vegetable juice, From Japan OIta, using Oita- grown “Fresh Barley Shoot”, extracted through an our own method, active nutrients and other healthy ingredients are digested easily without damage


To reach an active lactic acid bacteria to the recesses of the intestines.

“The double micro-encapsule technology” to be applied for the first time in Japan


“The double micro-encapsule technology” works in two stages. The first capsule is soluble in stomach within 2 hours, and the second capsule soluble in the intestines within 3 hours


With chewable Fretub, you can still take in the powerful benefits of a lactic acid bacteria and vegetable nutrients anywhere, no matter how busy you are.


Co-operation development product of a university research center.


Easy to take in. Always in your bag

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