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1. Terms of Service

Goods are not accepted for return in the followingcases:

1) Received goods for more than seven workingdays

2) Products that have been unpacked

3) Goods damaged by improper use or humanfactors

4) Lost order receipt or invoice

5) No “Return/Receipt Processing Form” or“Specialized Store Collection Return Application Form”

6) Special offer and goods


2. Precautions

1) Commodity exchange:

* Only change the same item or the same itemfor color change, both of which can only be replaced once.

* If you want to change other products (notthe above), please return the goods first.

* After purchasing the items in the discountpackage, if you want to return some of the items in the package, the remainingitems that are not returned will be recalculated at the original price.

* During the gift activity period, if thegift does not meet the gift giving rules due to the return, the gift contentwill be changed according to the total amount after the return.


2) Before using the product, please use thetrial bag or sample to determine if the product is suitable for your skinbefore unpacking.


3) Any item ordered via telephone, fax orinternet must be returned by post.


4) The company reserves the right to makefinal decisions regarding all matters relating to the exchange of goods.